ZapMarketplace is a white-label platform that connects your back office systems with every major insurer and agency, including Sunrise, SCTP, and portals for quotes, policies, and claims, in one place.

You’re in charge. You choose the insurers. You control the data. No more rekeying and comparing between multiple platforms. You go to one place with every quote, policy, and claim at your fingertips.

Why ZapMarketplace

Seamless Integration

ZapMarketplace serves as a white-label platform that seamlessly connects the broker's back office systems with all the major insurers and agencies, including Sunrise, SCTP, and other relevant portals. This integration streamlines workflows, saving time and effort in managing multiple platforms.

Centralised Data

By bringing all quotes, policies, and claims into one place, ZapMarketplace ensures data accessibility and consistency. Brokers no longer need to rekey or compare information between various platforms, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing data management efficiency.

Customised Control

With ZapMarketplace, the broker is in complete control. They have the ability to centrally control access. They have the freedom to select the insurers they prefer to work with, allowing them to curate a tailored offering for their clients.

Enhanced Efficiency

Going to one place for every quote, policy, and claim means that brokers can quickly access critical information, make better decisions, and generate client documents. This efficiency not only saves time but also enables brokers to provide prompt service and responses to clients.

How it works