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Who we are
We’re a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continuously reimagining solutions to help make our customers businesses better. Our innovation is motivated by a shared commitment to great work with a team of highly experienced solutions providers who are always asking how to do things better.
What we do

A highly experienced team with years of industry experience in broker, insurer and insurance intermediated technology solutions.

We specialise in designing and creating digital and ecommerce solutions that streamline and automate insurance products, customer communications and reporting including integration to all back office systems.

We are serious about creating products that help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Our People

Simon Agar

Formerly, the Chief Operating Officer of Ebix Australia, Simon has over 30 years’ experience in information technology within the financial services sector. Simon was responsible for product development, and the customer and professional services operations. Simon was instrumental in the creating integrated payment solutions with Ebix’s Broker and Agency Management systems.

With a comprehensive understanding of the back office to client-facing technologies for small to large organisations. Simon has worked both locally and on international projects including overseeing the Placing Platform Limited (PPL) for Lloyd’s of London.

Vibul Imtarnasan

Vibul has a long career in developing cutting edge technologies in the General Insurance space. As a co-founder and Director of Technology for BimTechnologies, he focused on developing windows and web based eBusiness software for Australian general insurance companies.

With the sale of BIMTECH to Telstra, Vibul was the brains trust in the development of a new web based B2B eBusiness platform that provided real time links between insurers and insurance brokers’ back-office systems. The award-winning Sunrise Exchange platform received the 2002 Australia Interactive Media Industry Association award for Best eBusiness Product or Service, and the 2004 Australia & New Zealand Insurance Industry award for Innovation of the Year, as well as finalist for Service Provider of the Year.

After the sale of Sunrise Exchange to Ebix in 2007. Vibul co-founded Parlinkie which specialized in providing expertise and know-how to support general insurance industry based projects that link the business processes of different industry participants – intermediaries, insurers and premium funders. Vibul designed, architected and developed eSlips now known as the Steadfast Client Trading Platform (previously known as SVU), which was sold to Steadfast in 2010.
Vibul was Executive General Manager at Steadfast Group Limited for 12 years and a co founder of Steadfast Technologies. He was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the Steadfast Client Trading Platform and the redevelopment of the INSIGHT Broking System and management of development and IT infrastructure teams in Australia, NZ and Vietnam

Kiersten Lethbridge

With over 30 years’ experience in developing software systems for General Insurance, Kiersten has an in-depth understanding of Insurance Broking back-office systems, trust accounting and General Insurance compliance requirements. Having spent 21 years working as General Manager for a division of Ebix Australia she was responsible for development, support and training for the WinBEAT product which has more than 6,500 users, Kiersten’s client-centric approach ensured timely support and ongoing product education were a priority. 

Kiersten spearheaded premium funders integration with WinBEAT which set the bar for other broking systems in the market. She also instigated the development of the Macquarie DEFT and NAB transact receivables solutions for Ebix broking systems. 

After 24 years with Ebix Kiersten provides consulting, compliance and training services to the general insurance industry. With a strong background in management of projects and people, Kiersten’s specialises in insurance broking, software training, technical and user documentation, software development for SMEs and customer relations and sales. Kiersten is well recognised as an expert in the insurance broking technology space.

Lisa Woodley

Lisa is a prominent Australian technology pioneer with over 40 years experience in digital platforms that transform electronic distribution between insurers and their intermediaries.
Known as an innovator, Lisa has created, headed and participated in establishing industry leading digital platforms designed to address inefficiencies in the general insurance intermediary distribution channels, and is an advocate and leader in the promotion of ongoing improvements in this space.

Pioneering BIM Technologies, BIMnet solution in the late 90’s which was sold to Telstra in 2000, she was appointed to lead Telstra ebusiness which embarked on a major transformation program of the general insurance industry away from proprietary networks and software onto the internet and the introduction of the Sunrise Exchange platform. Sunrise Exchange is used by more than 95% of Australian insurance brokers and over 16 insurers across more than 40 product classes transacting in excess of $1.5 billion in gross written premiums annually.

Lisa is responsible for the introduction of the ACORD data standards into Australia and New Zealand acting for a consortia of Australian and international general insurance entities, as well as assisting companies establish the ACORD governance and advisory board for standards.

Lisa was instrumental in the creation and development of the Steadfast Client Trading Platform (previously known as SVU), which was sold to Steadfast in 2010, Lisa co- founded Steadfast Technologies, a subsidiary of Steadfast Limited, which is an ASX listed company. Steadfast’s SCTP platform is used by Steadfast brokers in Australia and New Zealand with 16 insurers across more than 10 product classes. Lisa was also responsible for the transformation and redesign of Steadfast’s INSIGHT broking platform which was launched in 2016 in Australia and New Zealand and has become a market leading insurance broking platform.

ZapCentral brings together industry leaders with over 100 years combined insurance industry expertise and experience to provide solutions, services and advice to technology providers, insurers and insurance intermediaries.