Easily communicate with your customers

Good communication can cut through the flood of information that bombards your clients in a world of constant connectivity.

ZapComms provides the ability to communicate with your customers directly to their mobile phone.

Connected directly to your back-office system, you can use ZapComms to:

  • follow-up debtors based on invoice due date
  • send digital statements with a direct link to your payments platform
  • send targeted marketing communications based on policy type, account manager, sales team or other broking system criteria
  • provide claim updates such as advising claim number and claim payment details

ZapComms provides the ability to:

  • directly tailor your message based on the clients extracted
  • personlise the message using your broking system contact data
  • review and amend the extracted client lists
  • fallback to email if no mobile number is available in your contact data

ZapComms lets you utilise SMS and email messaging to suit your unique requirements.

You decide the message content, the time it is sent and exactly which customers it goes to, ensuring a highly personalised experience for your customers.